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VISTA Consulting Group is a team of Professional Consultants with immense industry experience and value added relationships. With over 80 years of combined personal experience and 12 years of experience together as VISTA, we draw from both internal and external partnerships to bring you a world of depth and breadth that integrates well with your team. Each VISTA program is designed, developed, and implemented based on each clients' needs - YOUR needs.


The RIGHT  Sized Team to Save You Money

We also team up with other Architects, Engineers, Financiers, Utility Providers, Verification Experts, as well as a plethora of other contractors in a unique style that allows us to provide the RIGHT sized team, by scaling up or down based on circumstantial need - TRULY providing the lowest cost delivery in the industry! So don't pay for what you don't need.

Contact us today to learn more about how we match perfectly with your organization's needs and your inherent desire to pay the least, but get the most.  

Doug Cox

Position: President/Managing Partner


Founder & Entrepreneur - Doug started VISTA in 2006 in an effort to provide Vendor & Manufacturer neutral solutions to clients in 4 key markets - K-12 Schools, Higher Education, Cities/Municipalities, and Hospitals. Doug's 23 years of experience leading teams Nationwide through energy consulting projects allows him to deliver HIGH Value Strategies to clients using a unique model that stretches the impact of capital spending and maximizes a clients financial position while improving deliverables to their own clients. 


  • MBA in Management & Finance - Wright State University, Dayton OH (2001)
  • BSME with Aeronautical Concentration - University of Toledo, Toledo OH (1993)


  • CMVP - Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (2014)
  • CEA - Certified Energy Analyst (2009)
  • CSDP - Certified Sustainable Design Professional (2008)
  • OLBM - Ohio Licensed Business Manager (2006)
  • CEM - Certified Energy Manager (1997)
  • EI - Ohio Registered Engineer (1994)

Position :

President/Managing Partner