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Strategic Solutions

Strategic Based Solutions

 VISTA Consulting Group, LLC is a private, locally owned, regionally operated consulting firm focused on providing Strategic Based Solutions for public sector clients and hospital organizations.

  • We help our clients update infrastructure, reduce costs, improve the performance of their buildings, creatively finance offerings and manage operational expenses associated with managing assets in very effective and efficient ways. And, we do this completely through savings - a Net-Zero impact to you!
  • Established January 2006, VISTA has provided nearly 12 years of creative and cost effective solutions to clients in Ohio and across the Midwest.
  • We are vendor & manufacturer neutral. This approach enables you to use your own preferred contractors and products, yet ensures a seamless and integrated approach, maximizing the impact of the dollars invested.
  • We've served hundreds of clients, both directly and indirectly as a joint venture with other firms, for nearly 12 years and have delivered well over a combined $10 million in savings to our clients to date.

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Understanding Needs

The Process

Vista's unique approach begins with understanding the needs and objectives of our clients.


  • Understand Your Needs - Technically, Financially, and Politically
  • Compare Your Structure to Standard Benchmarks, and Others of Like Size, Age, and Type
  • Prepare a List of Net-ZERO Options
  • Identify Funding Sources and Exclusive Incentives Available 

Working closely with your facility team, we then develop an understanding of how your business and buildings are functioning, and where there are needs, challenges, and opportunities for improvement.

We team with the client’s financial experts to understand how facility dollars have been invested in the past, and jointly look for areas for improvement, identifying real cost savings.


  • Research Internal Financials
  • Analyze Budgetary Plans and Future Forecast's
  • Understand Deferred Maintenance Plans and Long-Term Expenditure Allocations 
  • Review Credit Investment Options and Lending Power
  • Recapitulate Planned Revenue Streams and Budgets Based on Improvement Measures

Our acquired knowledge is combined with an understanding of rebates, grants, and unique financing supplements to create a program of choices that collaboratively and jointly develop a program that meets or exceeds your objectives.


  • Choose a Method to Implement the Solutions - HB153, HB264, ESPC, MCA, or Direct Contract
  • Coordinate Staffing, Consultants, and Contractors
  • Manage and Oversee All Areas of Change
  • Perform Quality Control and Commissioning Checks
  • Begin Continuous Training of Key Personnel
  • Educate Support Staff and Stakeholders

VISTA's Project Delivery team ensures that the activities within a building continue uninterrupted while the work is conducted, and maintains excellent communications with the client to ensure a smooth execution of the work.


  • Analyze Results
  • Track Changes and Cost Expenditures
  • Measure Results and Record Findings
  • Produce Certified Reporting to Leadership
  • True-Up Financial Guarantees
  • Report Results to Senior Level Leadership
  • Maintain Accountability Over Time

Ongoing support includes Measurement, Verification, and Certification of project results. Maintenance plan management, and continuous implementation reviews ensure the success of the program.


Easy to Get Started

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