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City / County Municipalities

VISTA Consulting is a specialty consulting firm with vast experience in understanding City and County Municipalities and their unique challenges in today's world.

Few sectors of our society deal with such a broad spectrum of issues as local governments. The need for expanded service delivery has never been greater, and the call for fiscal responsibility never louder. Decaying infrastructure, unfunded mandates, reduced federal and state revenues all place tremendous pressure on budgets, and VISTA has proven solutions to help combat these unique obstacles.



  • Processes that are FREE and Require NO Upfront Capital!
  • Full Budget Analysis by Tenured Experts in Government Fiscal Responsibility
  • Offerings Endorsed by State Agencies like DAS, and OFCC
  • Exclusively Designed Solutions to Meet YOUR Needs
  • Results that are 100% Guaranteed!



  • Positively Impact Your Economic Development
  • Create Improved Comfort, Healthy Environments, and Safe Operations
  • Provide Unique Energy Savings Performance Contracting Options
  • Increase Sustainability
  • Provide Wireless Meter Reading Across All Delivered Utilities
  • Extend Energy Solutions to Residents & Businesses
  • Reduce Costs Across All of Your Budgets
  • Deliver Low and Sometimes 0% Financing Options
  • Enhance Technology and Data Systems
  • Guarantee Results 100%


We understand the procurement options for Municipal organizations, and can help you navigate the most advantageous approach. Our group is completely Vendor and Manufacturer Neutral to ensure the best solutions. We work with the best/most appropriate equipment providers and contractors - lending a strong desire to include local companies - to ensure the best program support for your facilities.

From matching specialized grants to ongoing maintenance support, VISTA is positioned to help your local government improve your bottom line finances while enhancing community performance and expanding your economic development. 

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