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VISTA Consulting is a specialty consulting firm with vast experience in understanding Healthcare organizations and their unique challenges.

In an arena where assurance of services is paramount and potentially means the difference between life and death, our approach recognizes those parameters above all, while continuing to focus on processes that reduce costs, manage assets, and improve decaying infrastructure. We understand tremendous pressure on budgets, and VISTA has proven solutions to help our private Healthcare partners combat these unique obstacles.



  • Processes that are FREE and Require NO Upfront Capital!
  • Solutions that produce Net-Zero or Positive Cash Flow Conditions
  • Full Budget Analysis by Tenured Experts in Private Industry Fiscal Responsibility
  • Exclusively Designed Solutions to Meet YOUR Needs
  • Results that are 100% Guaranteed! 



  • Positively Impact Your Fiscal Management Plans
  • Create Healthy Environments, Fiscally Responsible Balanced Budgets, and Safe Operating Systems
  • Provide Accountability through Energy Savings Performance Contracting Options
  • Increase Sustainability and Longevity
  • Utilize Creative Funding Options like PACE to Leverage Cash Management 
  • Deliver Low and Sometimes 0% Financing Options
  • Produce Net-Zero or Positive Cash Flow Solutions
  • Reduce Cost/per Bed Rates
  • Guarantee Results 100%


We understand the processes and procurement options for the Healthcare industry, and can help you navigate the most advantageous approach. Our group is completely Vendor and Manufacturer Neutral to ensure delivery of the best solutions. We build teams with the best/most appropriate vendors, equipment providers, and contractors to ensure the best program support for your facilities.

From matching specialized grants to ongoing maintenance support, VISTA is positioned to help your business improve your bottom line finances while expanding your economic development. 

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